Day 1290

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Work was very busy today.  I came home, had dinner, and watched Hillary Clinton's convention speech.  It was a big night for her and I think she was just fine.  She'll never be as mesmerizing as her husband or Obama, but she was convincing enough and strong enough.  It was an amazing convention, full of enough tension and drama, motivation and enthusiasm, to carry her to victory in November.  Comparing the two conventions tells me the story of this election.  One party is a well-oiled political machine, while the other is all talk and no action.  Trump promised an amazing convention, yet his headliners were yesterday's C-level celebrities and politicians with a glaring number of empty seats in the stands.  The DNC, however, had major star power.  All the big guns were there.  It was orchestrated the way conventions were supposed to play out.  The DNC clearly had the better convention.  The RNC will go down as a very negative, strange, desperate attempt at keeping the party together.  We'll see if they can survive this year.

Meanwhile, it's Hillary's election to lose.


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