Day 1282

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I played racquetball until 6:30 this morning and still rushed to get to work on time.  Starting at 8:30 in SF makes it tough sometimes if I'm not totally prepared with my clothes and breakfast once I arrive home. 

Work has picked up and it quite busy right now.  I'm waiting for a lull. 

After work, I came home and had dinner while watching more crazy GOP Convention speeches, including Ted Cruz.  You gotta love this weasel, this reptilian sociopath, dissing the Donald with his smug, smarmy speech.  What a piece of work. 

I had numbers and a few other details to take care of at Varinsky, so instead of watching the speeches at Richard and Lisa's, I had to work an additional 3.5 hours, staying up until close to midnight.  I did listen to Mike Pence's speech and his was actually pretty good.  Too bad he was so ridiculously overshadowed by Ted Lizard Cruz. 

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