Day 1287

Monday, July 25, 2016

No one showed up at racquetball this morning, so I left early and came back home to prepare a few of my new 10-Day Challenge meals before work.  The 10-Day Challenge is a sponsored event at Hanson Bridgett, ten days of healthy eating that focuses on a list of fruits, vegetables, and whole foods that aren't processed and contain little to no sugar.  I stayed up late last night preparing a walnut pesto, zucchini slices, and a batch of quinoa.  Before work, I assembled my zucchini dish, gathered a few of my imperfect fruits (from, arranged my fridge and headed off to the carpool lane with a bag full of healthy eating for the day.

I enjoyed my meals and felt good.  Work was steady, allowing me little time for anything else, though I did Google convention coverage and read a few headlines throughout the afternoon of the contentious DNC convention and Wiki-Leak's release of thousands of hacked emails, allegedly by a Russian agency.  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, whose been criticized for months now (and should have resigned long ago), was finally ousted, thank God!  She really over-stayed her welcome (talk about sabotaging one's career...she was supposed to be impartial, but clearly wasn't from the beginning).  The Bernie-or-Bust contingent went into outrage mode (understandably), creating a circus-like atmosphere that had the potential to rival (maybe even surpass) Ted Cruz's "Vote with your conscience" moment last week.

I came home around the time Al Franken was on stage.  He told a few jokes at Donald Trump's expense (he's still funny to me).  Sarah Silverman joined him, acknowledging her "Bernie-or-Bust" tendencies but also acknowledging the reality of where things were.  When she said, "Can I just say, to the Bernie-or-Bust people, you're being ridiculous!" antagonizing the Busters even more.  (I've always appreciated SS, but I admit I loved her even more the moment she said this).  I thought I was about to see the party that was supposed to come together against Trump implode with the kind of disastrous in-fighting that sometimes loses contests that are so sweetly set up for victory.

Thankfully, after a troubled Bridge Over Troubled Water rendition by an aging Paul Simon, Michelle Obama gave her speech within the hour, and suddenly all was better again.  It was an amazingly effective speech that captured the essence of the 2016 election:  who do you want as your presidential role model for your kids, Hillary or Trump?  There's nothing like context to clear the air.  She was good eight years ago, but she's a master now.  Confident.  Strong.  Clear.  It'll be interesting to see if anyone tops this amazing, effective, historic convention speech.

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