Day 1283

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Another very busy day at work, plus Mario and I moved from the 24th floor to the 25th floor.  I'm now at a work station for the foreseeable future with enough direct sunlight to keep me sane.  I have all kinds of storage and shelving to house my books.  I'll make this station livable.

I took my recruiter Beth Harris to lunch at Patriot House.  We each had burgers that were very good.  I'm so appreciative of her setting up this new job for me.  She said there's another boom in openings these days but the difficulty is finding qualified candidates.

In the evening, I listened to two GOP speeches, Ivanka's and DJT's.  Ivanka was impressive, personable and poised.  It was as if she were describing a normal dad.  Then Trump came to the podium and delivered a very long, bombastic, negative, oppressive, fear-based litany of law-and-order edicts, complete with gestures and facial expressions that belonged to the world of wrestling federations.  I know folks want us to believe he has a chance of winning, but I really don't see it.  He's not good enough to win.  People say he doesn't need to be, that so much of America is so dumb and idiotic that it doesn't matter how horrible Donald Trump is as a candidate.  I beg to differ.  America takes it's presidential elections seriously.  They'll pay attention.  They see through the bombast and recognize this character for who he is, which is a very thin-skinned whiny little bitch who has a major personality disorder and monumental narcissist tendencies.  He can't help it.  He doesn't know anything about policy, whereas Hillary knows everything.  She will destroy him in the general, as she should.  This will be the biggest landslide in American Presidential History, "believe me."

After the very long speech, I went over to Mark Slater's and played poker for a few hours.  True to form, I ran into nonsense situations and hands and ended up losing $35.  I am not very lucky at that house.  There were a lot of big hands that night, including one or two four of a kinds.

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