Day 1273

Monday, July 11, 2016

I played racquetball for the first time in two weeks and it felt pretty good, though my timing was off.  Work was fine, though a little dramatic in the afternoon with rush jobs coming from all directions.  There hasn't been an established set of standards across the board, though that may change once our team is in place and working together.  Mario is very knowledgeable and knows the dynamics of the firm very well.  We were able to get the jobs done before 5. After work, I ran into Lisa, who said Trey was home for a few days.  I mentioned "The Night Of" on HBO and we planned to watch it together at 8:30.  Bonnie came over at 7 to go over her monthly finances, finding ways to save money.  I think she can reduce her Comcast bill, cell phone bill, and auto insurance with better, cheaper vendors. She can also use Ooma if she still wants her landline.  Bonnie left at 8:15 and Lisa and Trey arrived at 8:30.  We watched the first episode of "The Night Of," an intense NYC procedural of a college kid's worst night ever and the murder he seems to have committed.  So far it's great, with a tight script by Richard Price and brilliant direction by Steven Zallian. 

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