Day 1280

Monday, July 18, 2016

Another week and this one will be busy.  I finished most of the Focus Group report that's going out this week and entered all the data for the following focus group.  Cheryl is so busy right now that it's hard to keep things in check when she's by herself.

Racquetball was fun.  Ron Ramos and I are playing a doubles tournament together in Fairfield, so I need to be ready for it.  My hip is good.  Now it's my right arm that's bothering me.  Getting old so sucks!

It was slow again at work, allowing me to read more program documentation on some of the programs we use.

The GOP Convention got under way today and after work I headed over to Richard and Lisa's to watch the festivities.  I was shocked at the emptiness of the convention center.  There were a few shots of completely empty sections.  That's not what a GOP Convention is supposed to look like.  The all-star list of speakers included Scott Baio and Rick Perry, Senator Jeff Sessions and Rudy "Red Bull" Giuliani, who gave an over-the-top doomsday speech from the nether reaches of Angry White Guy Central.

Melania's speech was actually pretty good, even though there were times (several in fact) where she was channeling her inner Zoolander.  It wasn't until later in the evening and the next morning that I heard parts of it came from Michelle Obama's 2008 Convention Speech.

That's just embarrassing.  They usually have procedures in place to prevent that from happening, but I think the Trump Organization is so disorganized that they have no vetting process for anything.  It's another aspect of his failed candidacy.  Oh, and I think it's a truly failed candidacy.  He won the primary, but he's totally imploding during the General.  There's no way this amateur candidate can win. 

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