Day 1288

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Today was my second day of the 10-day health challenge.  I made two pizzas that used a cauliflower crust and veges for toppings.  It was actually very good.  I may need to eat more food though.  I also prepared a beet hummus which was just okay (I've never been too fond of beets), but the red color was amazing (I pulled out the Magic Bullet for this task...very good!). 

Tonight's DNC headliner was the big dog himself, Bill Clinton, personalizing his wife as only he could.  Listening to a 45-minute Bill Clinton speech is like listening to Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow."  It's always a sort of past/future/possible/hopeful potpourri of admiration, disappointment, contempt and awe, in a way, what life fully lived inevitably looks like.  He's been with us since 1991 during the fall primaries, a long time, and yet, there he was, delivering his quintessential Bill Clinton message with storytelling panache.  The guy's amazing and he was again tonight.  Bill and Hillary are truly historic figures.  They will be written about and discussed by historians for decades and centuries (especially if Hillary wins, which she will).  It's only speculation to predict how history will view them, but I think their odds look good that they will be seen as progressive, strong, and ultimately good for the times they lived, especially Hillary, who, given the chance, has the potential to be one of the finest, most effective presidents since FDR.  They have the opportunity to build the road to the 21st Century in their image, minus the disastrous Bush years.  Maybe it took blundering Bush to allow for eight years of Obama, then four and perhaps eight with Hillary.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  President Clinton was masterful in introduction Candidate Clinton to the convention, to the country, to the world.  I get Hillary, or at least I think I do.  She's so maddening in her Tracy Flick calculation, but she's smart and her heart, I believe, really is in the right place.  She'll get things done.  She's a worker bee, always working.  That's what we need.  She's the opposite of Trump.

The problem though is this country has never warmed to female no-it-alls.  For all our greatness, we're still amazingly provincial and chauvinist in our thinking.  Clearly. 

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