Day 1281

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I was nice having Mario back at work.  He'd been out of town since Thursday.  With two of us back at work, all bases were covered.  We move to the 25th floor on Thursday.

After work, I went over to Richard and Lisa's again to watch more of the GOP Convention.  Chris called at 8 and we got his take on the spectacle.  There's certainly a lot of hate being thrown around at the convention.  Speakers seem to be talking more about Hillary than Donald, which is interesting.  And Stephen Colbert is getting the material of his life as he puts on his own GOP counter show to offset all the silliness. 

Paul Ryan's speech was a bit flat I thought.  I don't get this guy.  He comes across as appearing reasonable and grownup, but I think he's just as insane as the other hardliners in his party.  Chris Christie was auditioning for Attorney General.  What a blowhard.  Boy did his star fall hard.  Tiffany, Trump's youngest daughter, was perfectly fine.  She may have been the best speaker of the evening. 

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