Day 1237 (Pisa, Italy)

Friday, June 3, 2016

Livorno, Italy - Cruise Day 7

From our ship, we took a shuttle bus to downtown Livorno at 9:15 a.m., then a bus to Pisa from the Tuscany Bus Co.

It took maybe 30 minutes to arrive in Pisa.  We parked in a central bus area for tourists and walked about 15 minutes through town to Pisa's miracle square.  The large round baptistry is the first building we saw, followed by the Pisa cathedral, then the tower in the background

Inside the baptistry, someone sang for a few minutes, dazzling us with wonderful acoustics. 

The Camposanto memorial contained frescos that were stunning in their age and beauty. 

The Cathedral in Pisa, built in the 13th century

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most famous buildings in the world, and it lives up to its impressiveness.  Walking the 296 steps of the tower was a thrill I won't forget.  We managed to walk the tower just as the noon bells chimed out.  The weather was drizzly and cool, our first wet day of our travels.  Because it was so rainy and the marble steps of the tower were so smooth, it was slippery coming down.  

At 12:30, we left the miracle square to return to our bus.  Alice bought a Leaning Tower souvenir while Austin walked kept walking ahead of us.  We lost him and then lost our way back.  Returning to the bus wasn't as straightforward as we'd assumed.  After scrambling to find our way back (and taking a few wrong turns) we managed to return to our bus with only a few minutes to spare.  I was drenched in sweat when I sat on the bus, but glad we were back.  I'm not sure what Alice and I would have done had we missed our bus.  It was a relief to be back on our ship an hour later. 

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