Day 1215

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Woke up at 5 and had my Skype conference with Elizabeth.  I know what to do with the manuscript and will have yet another revision to get all the details properly aligned.  I have some legacy ideas that are no longer relevant to the story, so I'll remove those and bring in some of the elements that might have more play.  This afternoon while driving home, I heard this crazy jingle for 5-hour energy and it was oddly reminiscent of the cookies Jimmy has to combat.  If they can sell and push an increase in energy, why not sell an increase in being nice. 

The work day was enjoyable with the principal in the midwest and then in Florida.  I had lunch with a coworker and we talked career planning and what the future holds. 

Worked another two hours for Howard after work.  Lots of work before the cruise.  No time for writing.  Hmm.

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