Day 1228

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

SFO to JFK to Barcelona

Our day began very early at 4 a.m.  All packed and ready to go, we took Lyft to the airport.  Very comfortable.  We checked in, boarded our flight and were in the air at 8:30 a.m., flying to JFK.

At JFK we had dinner at Shack Shack and waited three hours for our flight to Barcelona.

We were in the air by 10 p.m.  I watched three movies on the flight:

I saw The Bad News Bears as a kid and wondered how well the film stood up.  Oh, it holds up beautifully.  So funny, on point, nostalgic, smart, it's everything I remembered about the 70s.  Can they make a movie like this anymore?  Maybe, but somehow today's kid films feel a little bit sanitized.  The final game was a bit too long, but other than that, this film is tight.

I enjoyed it, though I'm not sure the last 50 minutes is remotely possible.  Matt Damon is always good.

I was in the right mood to give this film another try.  There are moments that are so good, so memorable, so hilarious, but overall I'm not the biggest fan, though I do appreciate its brilliance and enduring cult status.  The Dude abides.

I didn't sleep at all on our flight, but read, watched other TV shows, and ate and drank whatever the stewardesses gave me.  It was a long but enjoyable flight.  Delta is pretty good.

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