Day 1206

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

One month after the deadline, I finally received my edits of Zombie Cookies from Elizabeth Law.  Wow!  These were monster edits, breathtaking in their thoroughness and brilliance.  I was blown away at how stunning and insightful her suggestions were.  What a gift.  I knew from the start she was the right editor for me.

I actually received her edits just before my weekly FaceTime conversation with Chris.  He was just as curious as I was about Elizabeth's comments, so we actually read her notes together.  We were both profoundly impressed.  She possesses an amazing gift and truly exceptional skill set, and lucky for me that I was aware enough to realize the incredible value of her services.  If I'm able to meet the bar she has set in addressing what needs to be revised and developed, I'm convinced my editorial investment will pay for itself many times over.  That's the plan, anyway!  I'm a much better writer when I know what I need to do, and at this level, that's what she has given me! 

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