Day 1229 (Barcelona, Spain)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Barcelona, Spain

We arrived in sunny Barcelona around noon.  Customs was a breeze and leaving the airport was easy, thanks to the Aero bus that took us from the airport to about a block away from our hotel (in the university district near the center of the city).  We arrived at Hotel Jazz around 1 p.m.  Thanks to Alice's lucky touch, we were upgraded to suite on the top floor, a very comfortable room for the next two days.  After we took showers and unpacked, we hit La Rambla for some food.

On La Rambla
We walked along La Rambla, taking in the sights as we headed to Mercat de La Boqueria, one of the best markets in the world.  
Alice and Austin on the famed La Rambla pedestrian boulevard

The entrance to La Boqueria, Barcelona's largest open market

Very busy at La Boqueria

Everything is fresh and delicious

Alice is in her element

All candy and fruit
We tried some jamon and it was so good.  It was rich, oily, flavorful and delicious.
The jamon experience
So addictive
After wandering around for 30 minutes or so, we decided to get a seat at the Universal Kiosk for some fresh seafood.  The 40-minute wait was worth it.

Alice is eager to try everything, especially the razor clams

This seafood platter had the works and it was so fresh

After our seafood feast, we headed toward our hotel and found a chocolate cafe where we ordered cappuccinos and a yummy slice of orange cake.  So good.

We came back to our hotel and Austin fell asleep.  Alice and I hung out on top of the roof of our hotel and ordered a couple of small plates (hummus, vegetables, flat bread) while taking in the sounds of the city and the warm night breeze.  We were both tired but didn't want to fall asleep.  It was a great beginning to our European adventure.

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