Day 1232 (Cartagena, Spain)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cartagena, Spain - Cruise Day 2

Luckily, Live Sports 24 on channel 2 had live coverage of game 6 of the Warriors Thunder game, which was amazing to me, so Austin and I watched the entire game from 3-5 a.m. in Austin's foldout bed.  The Warriors were behind practically the entire game, at times down by as many as 13, but Klay Thompson kept them in it.  Klay Thompson saved the Warriors' season.  The former Coug was simply unbelievable, scoring 41 points and 11 3s.  The Warriors were down 9 with seven minutes left, then down 7 with five minutes left, then tied the game at 99 with 1:45 left.  That's when Klay hit a huge 3-point shot to take the lead.  I think I yelled "yes!" a little too loudly and probably woke up our cabin neighbors.  I couldn't help it.  It was such an exciting and tense game, one of the most stressful I've ever watched.  The Thunder didn't get another shot and turned the ball over twice, capping off an amazing win that sent the series back to Oakland.  Wow!

We had champagne after the game, then slept an hour or so before getting ready for the day.  Because we had a suite, we were allowed to have breakfast at Sabatini's, which was reserved for elite and suite passengers.  The breakfast was basically the same as Concerto dining, only with nicer place settings.  Austin ordered eggs Benedict.  Alice and I had french toast. 

After breakfast, we went back to our cabin and slept off our Warriors hangover until lunch.  We had a quick bite at Horizon Bistro, then started our day in Cartagena.

Port of Cartagena, Spain

City Hall, just across the street from the Roman Theater Museum

The town was right off the port, so we walked off the ship and down Puerta de Murcia, the city's main street.  It was Sunday so most of the shops and restaurants were closed.  I got some cash at the ATM as we headed down the street toward Plaza de Espana.  Once we reached the end of Puerta de Murcia, we headed back toward the pier.   

Old hotel on the main walking street

Gorgeous walking street

Great pic of Alice!

We stopped at a small cafe for ice cream, then looked for the entrance to the Roman Theater, which was right in front of the main walking street.  It was totally worth visiting this amazing sight.

We went underground and up a few escalators before arriving on the main stage of a theater that was over a thousand years old.  It was nifty preparation for Rome.

Back on board the ship, we met our dinner table compatriots for the first time, Charlie, Rose and Kristin Harrison from Atlanta, Georgia (Kristin's a dentist who lives in New York).  We totally hit it off and looked forward to more dinners with them. 

Charlie, Rose, and Kristen Harrison...awesome family!

After dinner, we didn't do much besides walking the ship and maybe watching a little TV before bed. All of us were gone by 9 or so.

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