Day 1224

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cleaned up Alice's house as she cooked for a party tonight for Austin's friend Mark, Mark's mom Gina and Austin and Mark's professor Tina.  It was a very enjoyable evening and the food was so good. 

Before the dinner, dad called and we had a pretty heated discussion about Gwen.  He thought the family needed to be more supportive of her.  I wanted to know what he thought that meant.  To him, it meant rescuing her from her situation.  I told him that sort of strategy didn't work, that the only person who could save Gwen from Gwen was Gwen.  He didn't get that.  Then he went on to say he was the only person in the family who supported Gwen when she had Nicole.  Talk about digging his own grave.  The truth was everyone supported Gwen.  He was so full of nonsense that I wondered if he had recently talked to Gwen and bought some of the propaganda she sometimes likes to tell people about her life of being a victim.  It was a strained conversation, my first with him in many years.  He's usually a little more careful than that.  Anyway, we ended the call on a positive note.  He's full of fear these days and when he's afraid he gets angry. 

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