Day 1112

Saturday, January 30, 2016

I picked up a few items at Arizmendi and drove to Alice's, arriving at 8:30.  I wrote in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon. Alice did laundry and Austin, who arrived home from China and Korea last night, studied for an online test. 

Austin went out with friends and then to his dad's for the night, so I won't be able to hear about his trip until tomorrow. 

Around 4 or so, Alice and I watched the latest installment of Real Time with Bill Maher, then a couple of documentaries on Netflix. 

The first doc we watched was Meet the Patel's.

I enjoyed this doc very much.  There's something endearing about Indian parents trying to marry off their kids.  I'm glad Ravi went back to Audry.  I wish them the best.

After the Patels, we watched two episodes of Street Food From Around the World.

We watched two episodes, Paris and Bangkok.  Both were good.  After Bangkok, it was off to bed at 11.

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