Day 1104

Friday, January 22, 2016

I played racquetball for an hour before Alice drove over at 7:15.  We picked up some goodies at Arizmendi, then headed to the Oakland airport.  We parked at AirPark, which is so efficient.  They're great.  We went through security (a breeze), then hung out at our gate for 90 minutes.  I went over my manuscript while Alice used the internet to send texts on WeChat.  Our flight was uneventful and easy.

Neal and Ryan picked us up and we went to their house and hung out in the back yard around the great fire pit for a few hours.  It was very relaxing and nice.

We went to dinner later at Jak's in Issaquah.  The wait was over an hour, so we hung out at a bar across the street.  It was chilly that night but not raining.  The food at Jak's was tasty and plentiful.  I liked the mac and cheese side dish.  So good.  We all had steaks, which were huge.  We all took leftovers home.

Inside Jak's

Back at Neal and Karin's, we watch Bill Maher's Real Time, which was a treat.  They watch Bill religiously every week, just like we do.  After Bill Maher, it was time for bed.

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