Day 1106

Sunday, January 24. 2016

Alice and I woke up at 7 and got ready for our flight back to Oakland.  Neal's migraine was gone and he was in much better shape than last night.  We had breakfast and chatted about Mozart and music and perhaps getting together one day on a cruise to Alaska (now that would be fun!) until 9:30, when it was time to leave.

Neal and Karin drove us to Sea-Tac and we said our goodbyes.  A very enjoyable 48 hours with them.  We went through security, hung out at the central food court for 50 minutes, then went to Gate B10 and boarded our plane back to Oakland.  The flight was a breeze and reasonably empty, so Alice and I had our own aisle.  We landed at 12:30 and drove back to my place by 1:30.  I ordered Lin Jia for lunch and watched the final half of the Broncos/Patriots game (caring about as much as the last few debates of the GOP undercard).  Broncos won and good for Payton Manning, though Tom Brady almost got the job done again (what an amazing player).  Alice left at 3:30 and I unpacked and started writing, revising the end of chapter 9.  I'm going to squeeze out as much revision time as I can to get a solid readable draft of this thing.  I'd like to try for Valentine's or maybe the week after Valentine's.  I know these things have their own energy, but if I can push myself maybe I'll find a way to get these chapters done.  I have 12 chapters total and 39 sections that are anywhere from 700-2200 words long.  They mirror the movements of La Stravaganza to some degree, which is kind of fun.  I like how chapter 9 ends.  Chapters 7-9 are my favorite chapters in the book.  I like my sidekick characters, Colette and Sonja.  They're interesting.  There's a lot about this book that interests me and I can't wait to hopefully get an opportunity to promote it because all I have to do is talk about Vivaldi's Opus 4.  That's the secret sauce here, those amazing concertos that have been around for 300 years and never feel old.  They're timeless. 

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