Day 1092

Sunday, January 10, 2016

We left Alice's around 7:30 to drive Austin to the airport.  He's flying to Beijing and Seoul for three weeks through Saint Mary's.  It's a wonderful experience for him.  It reminds me of my wonderful study abroad semester in Copenhagen so many years ago.  We met Austin's roommate Mark and the instructor coordinating the trip.  They're visiting several companies and colleges.  It'll be a wonderful experience for him.

Alice and Austin at SFO
After we left the airport, we took care of a few chores at Lowe's and Sprouts, then went home for the Wild Card Seahawks game against the Vikings.  It was a brutal, defensive game in the third coldest weather in NFL post-season history.  The Seahawks were down 0-9 in the fourth quarter, then on a fluke play they managed to get the ball on the 4 yard line, then punched it in for the score two plays later.  With a field goal that came after an Adrian Peterson fumble, they were ahead 10-9.  They got the ball one more time, but could not get a first down.  With only 2 minutes left, Minnesota got a break on what I thought was a questionable pass interference call.  Then they reached the Hawks 14 yard line with 25 seconds left.  It was a simple chip shot, shorter than an extra point, but the Vikings kicker missed it, pulling it wide left.  It was an incredible miss.  I mean, how does a professional kicker miss one like that, so close and so crucial.  It's a funny game.  Anyway, on to Carolina.  Go Hawks!

I watched a the Golden Globes with Alice before Downton Abbey.  I love Ricky Gervais, but I thought the jokes were a bit stale, sort of like tea biscuits in the back of the cupboard that were forgotten about but somehow discovered and served on a plate.  Award shows are strange and this one was one of the strangest.  

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