Day 1105

Saturday, January 23, 2016

We stayed at the house all day as Neal suffered a migraine that left him debilitated the entire day.  He's always had headaches as long as I've known him, poor guy.  We took it easy all day, chatting, reading, taking naps.  My kind of day.

We went to Coho Cafe for dinner before attending the Seattle Opera's performance of The Marriage of Figaro.  I'd never seen the opera before.  It was wonderful.  Great singers and that second act is second to none.

At Coho Cafe with our Crab Wasabicado Tower

Great cast!

Awesome seats!
We also attended the after talk in the conference room on the third level.  Sussana's Nuccia Focile spoke to us about Mozart, singing, her role, the cast, all sorts of things.  She was fantastic!

We arrived home around midnight and went right to bed.

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