Day 1099

Sunday, January 17, 2016

This was the matchup I wanted, but perhaps I should be more careful what I watch for.  Wow, this game was hard to stomach right out of the gate.  Now I know how the Broncos feel when the lost the SuperBowl to the Hawks two years ago.  The first half was so atrocious I really saw no point in watching the game anymore.  Down 0-31 at the half, it was time for me to regroup and start focusing on my book.  Alice was curious about the new Michael Caine film Youth, so we went to a 1:45 showing at the Clay St. Theater. 

It's always a treat to see Michael Caine, Harvey Kaitel and Jane Fonda together, and I certainly enjoyed the composition of this film, its creativity and quirky imagination; however, I'm not sure it's as captivating as it wants to be.  I'm a little unclear how all the themes tie together.  Perhaps that's an art film's prerogative, to be mysterious and enigmatic enough to leave the viewer wondering, much like life.  I don't go to movies much anymore, since it's so easy to watch them at home, but every time I'm in a movie theater I'm happy, especially when the lights dim and the movie's about to begin.  At least this film made for a wonderful transition away from football and back to stories. 

We came home in the late afternoon and had a wonderful dinner, watched Slingshot, a documentary about the inventor of the Segway, Dean Kamen.

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