Day 1380

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Today was Alice's birthday, so after work we went to Sons & Daughters, a really nice restaurant on Bush St. and Powell.

We arrived at 6 and were seated in front of the kitchen in the middle of the intimate restaurant.  We had a seven-course meal with lots of extra samplings in between, all farm-to-table with ingredients they grown and make themselves.  We had a butternut soup with salsify and chicken skin, brussels sprout with celery root and white fish, sweetbread with green tomato and cabbage, an amazing douglas fir soup with maitake mushrooms (so delicious!), quail with gooseberry and yam, a lemon poppyseed and creme fraiche ice cream, and a delicious piece of chocolate with agastache and caramel.  So, so good.  We also had three different kinds of bread with this scrumptious butter that I couldn't get enough of.  I enjoyed everything. After dinner, we took Lyft home to Sunset.  It was a wonderful evening.  Alice Wu was very happy!

Alice in front of chefs in the kitchen

Samples before our seven-course meal

First of three bread items.  Best toast ever!

Brussels sprout good

Delicious Douglas Fir soup with Maitake mushrooms

A little celebration tray with cookies, milk, and candies

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