Day 1363

Sunday, October 9, 2016

I stayed home most of the day to catch up (I'm always behind).  Alice had friends from China, so she took her parents and friends to Palo Alto for the day.  I cleaned up a little bit until 5:30, then headed over to Margaret's where there was a full house of debate watchers (Lisa, Richard, Sophie, Miles, Margaret, Ken, Kara, Rossana, Jerad, Kevin, Brad).  The wheels came off around five minutes into the debate (no handshake at the beginning) when DJT went off on every Clinton conspiracy and accusation known to the free world.  He said she had hate in her heart and would land in jail if he became president.  He ranted and raved, and then settled down halfway through the debate to actually talk policy.  The second half was pretty good and substantive, though Trump's positions on nearly everything are scary and disastrous.  I'm not sure this debate will change anything.  The race already feels over with Hillary's KO on debate one, but as we've seen, anything can happen in the final three weeks of an election.

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