Day 1358

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I was so looking forward to the VP debate. I've listened to Tim Kaine for weeks now on the Sunday news shows and on the stump.  He's smart, articulate, a little bit goofy but certainly knowledgeable about the details. 

I watched the debate with Lisa, Margaret, Sophie, Sophie's friend Sidney, and Miles.  From the beginning, I was frustrated with Tim Kaine interrupting Mike Pence unnecessarily.  Hadn't he watched the first Presidential debate and learned interrupting looks bad?  Kaine was better the second half, but I was hoping for another knockout.  He certainly had enough ammunition to keep Pence on the defensive, but his style was so aggressive and abrasive and Pence was so stylistically comfortable that Kaine lost a lot of the post-debate momentum.  He setting down halfway through and was much better, riddling Pence with Donald Trump quotes that Pence could not defend (though I liked Pence's strategy of simply denying Trump said any of those things...denial is such a great tool in the short-term, but I'm sure the fact checkers will be at it tomorrow), but at the end of the day this debate will be a wash, Pence for style and Kaine for substance.  In a few days, these two will go back to being the obscure VPs they already are, which is too bad because this was Kaine's moment to shine.  Unfortunately, he didn't. 

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