Day 1373

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Racquetball, work, debate.  I left work early for the third and final presidential debate, ordered Yang Chow for dinner...

...and had the place ready at 6.  Lisa, Miles, Sophie, Biff, Rhonda, Margaret, and Alice watched with me.  Hillary was very strong tonight.  Not only was she prepared, she was aggressive and found opportunities to poke at Trump.  She wasn't very forthcoming when pressed on her emails, but that is apparently a strategy she has to address the question, then quickly pivot to Trump.  Trump made a fatal error tonight in refusing to accept the outcome of the election.  She said he'd wait and see how things develop, which is the wrong answer to make on a debate stage.  Another non-issue has become an issue (rigged elections) giving the media something new to obsess over.  Trump has good moments, but they weren't sustained.  His answer on Syria was incomprehensible.  Hillary's answers were detailed and thorough.  She's three-for-three against Trump and has proven she is more than ready to lead.  She'll win this election easily.  I'm anticipating a much larger margin of victory than the pundits, who are still projecting a closer race than what we have.  Trump is too incompetent as a general election candidate to make this race close.  He's a total disaster.  I can't wait to see the actual numbers in a few weeks.

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