Day 1379

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I slept soundly last night and woke up around 6:25.  I had a Sandy dream, something I haven't had in many months.  It's always the same dream, which is Sandy licking my hand and so happy to see me.  I did my morning routine and went to work, which was busy again with IPD documents.  Endless in the afternoon.  I finished what I had and caught my B bus home.  I bought a cute birthday card for Alice.  Tomorrow is her birthday.  We're going to a nice restaurant on Bush St. called Sons and Daughters.  Alice will love it.  She's such a foodie.  After dinner, I spent a good 90 minutes working on E-Force emails and getting caught up.  Sometimes I fall behind with my E-Force duties.  I wish I could play more tournaments, but I just can't.  They knock me out. 

I'm reading James Lee Burke's latest book The Jealous Kind.  Good so far. 

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