Day 1364

Monday, October 10, 2016

Long busy day that I plowed through, starting with racquetball and ending with a wrap-up of last night's "debate."  The damage has been done with Trump.  He went nuclear with accusations that Hillary Clinton would land in jail if he were president.  His laundry list of Bill's sins from the 90s and early was the kind of spectacle the pundits are still processing.  No one's seen anything like it.

As for me, I think Clinton did exactly what she needed to do in standing tall against Hurricane Don.  You can't KO a hurricane but you can face it with your head held high.  I think she did that.  The Fox news crowd thought Trump easily won the debate.  That's not how I saw it.  I think Clinton's numbers will continue to climb.  I think Trump is done before long.  Oh, and now he's going after Paul Ryan.  What a nut job.

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