Day 1365

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I'm not much for birthdays anymore.  I don't need to celebrate them.  I don't need to think about.  I'm just not into them the way some people are. 

However, I usually take the day off on my birthday.  If fact, I can't remember the last time I worked on my birthday.  I can't this year because my vacation days are so limited and I have many things going on next year.  So I worked today and it was very nice.  Even though I'm not into birthdays, when other people make a big deal of it, I'll willingly play along because, really, what other choice do I have?  Alice took me out to lunch at a Ramon place at the Embarcadero, and it was so good.  I love Alice Wu!

Look at her here with her bowl of Ramon.  She's so lovely and adorable.  I'm so lucky to be with her. 

Here's my Ramon and it was so good!  The broth was to die for.

When I came back to the office, I had two birthday cards waiting for me and two dozen specialty cookies in large boxes.  I was very surprised and very touched.  The cards had at least 50 signatures on them.  Amazing.  I sent emails to folks on other floors telling them to grab their cookie before they disappeared.  It was actually a lot of fun hanging out at work on my birthday.  I didn't work too hard.  I had a good excuse. 

Since Alice and I are going out to dinner tomorrow night, I met up with Margaret at Grand Fare Market and had a wonderful dinner with her.  We talked about the election and race and women and everything else we could think of.  It was a truly memorable evening. 

So lucky and fortunate in life.  I enjoyed my birthday very much!

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