Day 1368

Friday, October 14, 2016

After racquetball, I went to work expecting a calm, easygoing day in which I was meeting Lillian for lunch at noon, completing the last of a long project, and enjoying a nice dinner with Rossana.  Instead, my colleague Mario was gone for the day and I had two filings and one rush project to get out the door by the afternoon, so from the moment I arrived until 5:07 I was totally stressed and rushing to complete everything.  Luckily, I had some huge help from Gina, the new person who sits next to me.  I had to run tables on an Appellate brief with cites that went on and on.  We use Best Authority, which is an amazing program, but because I don't use it much I'd forgotten some of the steps involved in cleaning up the document.  I'll have to refresh myself next week and watch the videos again.

Anyway, I ran the tables and completed the project before I left for the day.  Lillian and I will have lunch sometime next week.

I took the NX1 home to Grand Ave and met Rossana at Penrose.

She took me out for my birthday, which was so sweet of her!  We had a wonderful dinner and caught up on our lives, the election, etc.  The ribeye steak we ordered was so of the best I'd ever had.  So juicy and seasoned to perfection.

I came home, talked to Alice, watched the NewsHour, then fell fast asleep around 11 or so. 

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