Day 1356

Sunday, October 2, 2016

A day of rest, relaxation, and of course the ongoing political circus the entire world is witnessing.  Day's plot point centered on the leaked federal tax returns of DJT that apparently came within his own camp.  The question remains, who is Deep Trump?  I love listening to Trump surrogates (in today's case, Rudy Guliani and Chris Christie) spin a very damning story into lemonade.  Now Trump is apparently doubling down on old Bill Clinton womanizing scandals and thinking that will help his numbers.  It won't.  After the worst week of his campaign (thanks to self-inflicted wounds), I don't know how he recovers.  I think the campaign is over, but we all have to see how the rest plays out.  Maybe he sabotaged his campaign on purpose.  It's hard to tell what his intentions are anymore.  At any rate, Hillary's been out of the news for days.  That's a good thing.  That's the strategy to winning this election.  Keep your head down and let the media focus on the other guy.

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