Day 1076

Friday, December 25, 2015

The morning began at 6 a.m. when Hayden woke me up.  I was actually already awake around 5:30. The kids barely contained their excitement for the next hour.  We played Wii quietly as the minutes ticked by (slowly).  Finally at 7 I went downstairs for a "reconnaissance" mission to check to see if (a) there were any large stuffed pandas, (b) a large Barbie dream house and (c) any parents up and ready to ring the Christmas bell.

My answers (no, no, and no) were intentionally deceptive as I actually saw two very large pandas, one very large dream house, and Jill up and ready but waiting for mom.  The kids stayed in my room another fifteen minutes before hearing the Christmas bell and running downstairs to view their sizable haul.  

It was fun seeing them so excited.  I was still a bit under the weather and didn't eat too much (if I'm not having a delicious cinnamon roll for breakfast, something's very wrong).  I opened my stocking and got all sorts of cool little things.  Thank you, Santa!

The rest of the day went quickly.  We played games (and I played with a few of Hayden's toys...his R2D2 toy was very cool).

Dinner was at 6 and it was very good.  I did have an appetite by then and certainly had my fill.

By 8 we were all exhausted.  The kids went to bed and we stayed up another hour chatting before closing another chapter to another fabulous Christmas. 

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