Day 1056

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Alice and I got up early, had breakfast, then hit Costco for gas, supplies, hot dogs, then we headed to Ross where Alice wanted to look for a serving plate for her high tea with her girlfriends tomorrow.  We also stopped at her parents' house and set her her dad's new iPad mini.  He'll be very happy chatting with his friends on We Chat.

After our chores were done, we headed home and baked a batch of scones, which turned out all right, though the recipe had too little sugar (we'll add more the next day).  By the afternoon, I started reading my Kuo books that I picked up at the library.

I can't wait to get into these.  It's all preparation for his new novel that just came out, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai.  I read a review in the WSU Alumni magazine and it sounds very interesting, right up my alley with politics, bridge, music.  My Private China has all of that and I'm loving it.  Reading it took me back to my own visit to Beijing for the 2008 Paralympic Games in 2008. It's such a fascinating country.  Alice likes saying to me, "Hagan, time for your re-education."

I wrote a few hours in the late afternoon/early evening, but found it hard to stay focused, so I stopped for the night.

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