Day 1060

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Racquetball, work and writing in that order.  In the afternoon, I picked up Austin from Saint Mary's and we hung out in my neighborhood for an hour.  It's always a blast spending time with Austin.  We met Alice for dinner at Mijori and had a wonderful sushi dinner.  Mijori never disappoints.  We drove to Alice's around 7 and made it home in time for me to talk with Chris from 8-9. He'd just returned from a family vacation in Mexico with my mom and his two brothers, along with many other family members.  He and Elizabeth have traveled with that large group for many years now and this one sounded very relaxing.  Now that he's back at home, he's scrambling to finish a novel he's been working on this year called In the Duff.  I've read the first half and it's good!

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