Day 1067

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

No writing or racquetball today...too busy with Christmas parties and luncheons and discussion about the imploding GOP and Donald Trump's narcissism.  Wait, I did write an hour before work, revising a few paragraphs before leaving for work. 

We had our Christmas luncheon at a great place in Emeryville called the Townhouse Bar & Grill.  From the outside, the place doesn't look like much, but from the inside it's pretty big and the food is outstanding.  Six of us were there, Howard, Paulette, Chad, Alissa, Cheryl and me. 

We had a lively political discussion about last night's debate.  Howard thinks Trump is just an act, that's he's this incredibly intelligent outlier who's having the time of his life and willingly setting up the Democrats for victory.  I think that scenario, while intriguing, is a fantasy.  Trump is a textbook narcissist whose authenticity resonates with lots of limited whites who buy into the fearmongering and xenophobia.  He's real, he's dangerous, and while I'm in complete agreement that we wasted 4 trillion on unnecessary wars when that money could have gone toward rebuilding our infrastructure (and I love that he keeps saying that with Jeb on stage), his fascist ideas and attitudes really have no place in this country. 

Later on in the afternoon, I hung out at Rhonda and Biff's for cocktails and it turned into a party that lasted several hours, with Richard and Lisa coming over.  We talked about politics, houses, Christmas, dogs, and Creed.  Rhonda retold the story of running into Michael B. Jordan while he was making the movie Fruitvale Station and sent me the picture of them with Sandy.  I remember her telling me that several years ago. 

Michael B. Jordan, Rhonda, Sandy
I was at Rhonda's from 2:30-9.  Wow.  Came home at talked to Alice, then went to bed.

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