Day 1058

Monday, December 7, 2015

I had a recall issue to take care of with my MINI, so I missed racquetball this morning, opting instead for the first appointment of the day at East Bay MINI in Pleasanton.  I arrived at 7:45 a.m. and hung out at Starbucks for two hours, reading Venice and Alex Kuo's My Private China.  I got my car back at 10 and drove home.  From 10:30 until 6 or so, I worked on chapter 12, looked at chapter 11, and thought about chapter 1.  Chapter 12 is taking a long time because it's 8,000 words long and I need to bring it down to 5000 words.  Maybe I'll leave it at 6,000 words because so much happens in the last two sections.  It's so difficult to accomplish anything in December, so any progress at all is a victory. 

Later in the evening from 8-9, I had tenants in my building come over to discuss the changes taking place with our building next year.  It's inevitable that Valorie will sell the building, so we'll have to deal with a new landlord who in all likelihood will want all of us out of the building so he/she can charge $2600+/month in rent.  So many of us have been here so long that our rent is nowhere near market rates.  We looked over our rights and being in a rent control district I think we're in good shape, but you never know.  At least we're organized and aware of all the issues facing us.  It was nice seeing everyone.

To bed at 10:15.  Tomorrow, I need to hit Amazon hard.

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