Day 1018

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Up at 4:30, racquetball from 5-7, home for breakfast, work from 9-2, then home to revise for a few hours before watching the GOP Debate on CNBC.  I watched on You Tube with my Twitter feed open to #GOPDEBATE.  These debates aren't really debates but national spectacles.  Ted Cruz is wrong; they are cage matches to see who can throw a punch, who can take a punch, and who can craft a memorable "You're no Jack Kennedy" moment.  The real losers in these spectacles are the politicians who don't naturally treat these performances like the melodramas they've become, and so Jeb attempted to throw a punch at Rubio but missed so badly that he was declared the loser of the night (again).  His Fantasy Football answer also didn't score him any GOP points.  I don't know how Bush recovers from his stalled campaign.  I don't see his present course reversing.  I think he's done.  Christie is a brawler and naturally good at these spectacles.  I see an opening for him.  Cruz is too crazy and sociopathic for my taste (and the taste of main stream America), but he did have a couple great moments last night when he drilled into the moderators for their biased questions and general lack of tact and order in turning the spectacle into the circus it quickly became.  Trump is Trump and certainly pleased those folks who connect with him.  Ben Carson is a total mystery.  I don't get his popularity at all.  Who knows what the debate will do for him.  Carley is always shrill and harsh and articulate in rolling off her grand vision for America the way a war general ticks off commands and ideas and hairbrained schemes.  She would like to shorten the 73,000-page tax code into 3 pages.  As a Tweet expressed, that would be a great idea if we were living in the year 1142.  Marco Rubio had a good night, unfortunately.  Of all the candidates, I find him the least likable and genuine.  I find him scarier than even Ted Cruz, perhaps because so many people seem blind to this shell of a politician.  The sooner he's out the better.  Mike Huckabee is probably wondered where the magic of 2008 went.  Wherever it went, he won't find it in 2015.  He may be the next one to go, along with Bush, who's on life support.  Oh yeah, and John Kasich.  No one bothered to tell him that these things are not actual debates but circus acts.  He loves talking policy and ideas and wow, that just doesn't work in these things.  He's probably the most sensible person on stage, but this is spectacle, not something to be taken seriously, so his upside is mired in his irrelevance.  Same with Rand Paul.  Was he even on the stage tonight?  I couldn't tell.  Winners:  Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz.  Losers, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, the moderators (they lost control and asked ridiculous questions).  Draw: the rest.

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