Day 999

Friday, October 9, 2015

Racquetball in the a.m. and work from 9-2.  A fairly mild day considering the last few days this week.  I researched options for a new printer in the back and took care of phones with Cheryl.  I left at 2, came home to buy a gift for Austin, who's 19 today, then picked up Alice at 3.  She wasn't feeling well (sore throat, aches and pains) but we had a birthday dinner to attend for Austin at Hong Kong Gardens II on Geary Street.  We picked up Sharon (Austin's cousin) and met Gary and James (Austin's father) there.  It was a very enjoyable dinner with great food.  Austin was happy.  I got him a cool Oaklandish Warriors World Champs shirt.

We came home around 9 and Alice went right to bed.  I stayed up and read a few pages, then crashed around 10:15.

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