Day 1007

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Up at 6:30 to get ready for our club doubles tournament.  I arrived at the gym at 7:45 ready to go.  There were 12 strong teams in the hunt.  Dorian and I were in the Girl Scouts division.

Play began at 8.  Dorian hadn't played in two weeks because he was getting treatments for his cancer.  He found out yesterday that he was cancer free, which is fabulous news.  He looked good today and we managed to make it to the playoffs with 60 points as the 4th seed in our division.  We ended up playing the #1 seed in the Cup Cake division, Joel and Victor.  We upset them 15-9 and advanced to the semi-finals against the Commish and his open partner Carlos, who was probably the best player in the tournament.

This was a crazy match. Carlos covered the entire court while Mike just hung out on the right side . Against Dorian, those two were always in each other's way.  There were some fireworks in this match, but our z-serve to Mike's side scored us several points and kept us in the game.  We pulled it out in the end 15-12 and headed to the finals.

In the finals, we lost to Stevie and Garry 8-15.  Stevie was totally on today and the game wasn't as competitive as I would have liked.  Still, D and I went a lot farther than we should have and managed to collect another piece of hardware to add to the collection.

Me & D

We had our lunch afterward at Le Cheval across the street.  Good times and good food!

I went home afterward and crashed hard.  I was useless the rest of the day.  What a great tournament Robbie puts on.  He's the best!

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