Day 1003

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Worked from 9-2, then home to write for a few hours before the democratic debate.

It's refreshing to hear party candidates debate each other without condoning the construction of a "Great Wall" across the US/Mexico border, as if channeling Genghis Khan is the right way to the White House. 

Tonight's debate was for grownups.

Hillary Clinton's Edward Snowden response was so profoundly on the wrong side of history, and yet, given her frustrating flaws, it was sweet seeing her A game as she rendered the boys (Webb, O'Malley, Chafee) totally obsolete and the truth-telling "socialist" sage (Sanders)  progressively on point but ultimately impractical for a party that finds the extremist fearmongering and neo-fascist Republican rhetoric beyond tiresome (and actually quite scary).  I hope Clinton continues to stay sharp and aggressive.  She's far from ideal, but given the choices we have, I see no other option.  Barring any further unforced errors, I think it's her time.  Go Hillary!

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