Day 1353

Thursday, September 29, 2016

I slept in this morning and rushed to work, arriving a few minutes late.  I had two massive jobs to complete that took most of the day.  The only break I had was during lunch when Alice and I went to R&G Lounge.  So good...I have their famous R&G beef and rice.  Alice had spare ribs. 

After work, I came home, had dinner, and because I had no time at work, I indulged in all the days' campaign news to see where things were.  Not surprisingly, they're exactly where things have been since Monday night's debate.  All the news is on Trump and all the news is bad for him.  I watched Kellyanne Conway on The View and that was particularly wonderful.

At this point, KAC has been way too overexposed.  They need a surrogate substitution badly.  Not that she's failed.  She's done well as anyone, but she's been on every show now for a few weeks and she's repeating herself.  She could probably use a good night's sleep.

The Miss Universe story is still getting lots of play, and any day that Trump is fighting with citizens and not Hillary is a losing day for DJT.  I hope so badly that he loses big, really really big, as in huge, as in the biggest landslide ever, so big it's disgraceful, a perfect bookend to his political beginnings as a birther blowhard.

Stayed up until 9:30, then off to bed.

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