Day 1338

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We began our AA singles league this morning using a format adopted from Mariner Square that works very well.  We all play each other once within a two-hour window, all games to 11 with the winner scoring three points and the loser scoring one.  After eight weeks of play, players are seeded according to total points scored for the eight playoff spots available.  We have 14 players in the league.  Nine players showed up this morning, a great turnout.  I played six games, winning three and losing three.  I ran out of gas pretty early on, so I'll have to work on my stamina moving forward.  I wasn't too sore the rest of the day, but struggled to stay alert in the afternoon.  I enjoy singles so much more than doubles.  It's such a great workout.  If I can train myself to slow the tempo down and play more of a controlled, deliberate game, I shouldn't have any physical issues afterward.  It's when I act like a 20-year-old, running after shots and thinking I can do it all, that I risk injury.

After work, I made dinner, than watched another episode of Stranger Things before falling fast asleep.

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