Day 1333

Friday, September 9, 2016

We have our club doubles racquetball tournament tomorrow.  Dorian and I are playing together for maybe the 15th or 20th time and it may be our last pairing together.  We're just getting too damn old for this nonsense.  We slower, softer, not as competitive as we used to be, but we know how to have fun in the court.  We'll bring what we can to our matches.  It should be fun. 

I bought a book on sale at Alexander's Books on 2nd Street.

I love these kinds of books.  It's great reading between jobs.  I also received this yesterday from Barnes and Noble:

I've been meaning to order it after reading Alex's other books.  I'm 30 pages into it and I love it.  He knows how to throw sand in the eye of historical illusion, something this country's really good at.  The book has a wonderful feel and the colors on the page are a sweet surprise.  I'm enjoying it immensely!

I listened to political jabber after work tonight.  I've taken a break from the campaign this week, though from what I've heard Wednesday's Matt Lauer conversation with both candidates did no one any favors.  I'm sort of done with the whole thing because Trump is such a monumental disaster.  Clinton has her flaws, but she's the only reasonable choice.  Trump's fascination with Putin is just plain scary. 

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