Day 1347

Friday, September 23, 2016

No racquetball today.  Work was reasonable.  I do enjoy helping folks with their computer issues, software questions and problems, and general issues involving their documents.  Mario and I will always field header/footer questions because it's so frickin' complicated in MS Word.  We also get a lot of Adobe questions.

After work, I volunteered to help Richard with a special poker night for his friend Scott, who's getting married tomorrow.  I had 16 players at one table playing a rebuy tournament.  It was insane but we somehow managed to get it going.  I played as well and ended up in the money in third place until Miles knocked me out. with an 9-8 off-suit against my A-7 and hit his straight on the turn.  His friend Joe ending up taking 1st.  I was up until 1, a long fun night.

All talk is on Monday night's debate.  It can go in so many directions.  I watched the wife's video of the NC black man who was shot by police.  What a heartbreaking video.  Unbelievable, actually.  Or maybe not.  Something is seriously, seriously wrong with this country, but it's not all about the police.  It's about our gun laws, violent tendencies, ingrained racism, and the fear that exists out there.  Maybe these events have always been around, but with cell phone videos they're able to hit the masses.  At any rate, this video was very disturbing. 

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