Day 1351

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I love what Stephen Colbert called Hillary last night:

Preparation H!

Now that's funny.

Today was a great day.  GREAT DAY!  The post-debate spin is playing quite nicely and I watched all of it all day long.  Trump had a disastrous performance last night, though I gotta hand it to Kellyanne Conway on spinning crumbs out of rotten eggs. She's the perfect mom on a third grader's worst day ever, and that sort of capture's her spin of Donald's debate performance last night. 

I particularly loved James Carville's Reaction.

Apparently, Trump when on Fox and Friends this morning and talked about Miss Universe 1996.  Apparently, it was another disaster, his new Kahn moment.  I can't believe our good fortune.  This guy is simply the worst candidate of all time.  He's shot himself in the foot so many times he no longer has any knees. 

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