Day 1342

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Alice and I went to Starbucks for coffee and bagels on 9th Ave., then I drove home and spent the day fixing our Toshiba laptop.  It wasn't loading Windows 10 properly anymore.  I tried all sorts of fixes, going on You Tube, trying different things, but nothing worked.  I downloaded Microsoft's Reinstall Tool and tried that, but it didn't work.  I downloaded Windows 10 64-bit first, then tried 32-bit and that did the trick.  The reinstall began to work, and after seven hours I was able to resuscitate my laptop once again.  So happy!

My Fantastic team has some great players who are playing exceptionally well this the fist two weeks of the season.  I'm 2-0 after this week.  Nice.

I wasn't feeling well after 6 tonight, so I took a cup of the nasty ha-lo-die tea that I drink whenever I feel sickness coming.  It's nasty stuff, but it works.  I went to bed early, gearing up for another week of grinding, numbing, endless worker bee existence.


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