Day 1334

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Dorian and I played our last doubles tournament together.

We won two games and lost three.  Unfortunately, two of those losses kept us out of the playoffs.  Oh, well.  I missed too many shots and D didn’t have it, plus he was a bit out of sorts.  Our age really took its toll.

Freddy and the Commish won the tournament, beating Dana and Victor 15-9.  The meal afterward was good as always, but the portions didn’t seem as large as previous lunches.

Champs Freddy and Mike with Club Pro Robbie Brown

Champs Freddy and Mike with Finalists Victor and Dana

Ron & Ramon

Roger and Harold

Since I didn’t make the playoffs, I wasn’t too sore.  I came home, hung up my wet gear, then ordered two iPhone 7 pluses for Alice and me.  Since Alice lost her iPhone 5 on our cruise in May, this was our consolation.  I haven’t had a contemporary iPHone since the original when it came in out 2007.  I’m looking forward to the new one and the hi-tech camera.
I drove to SF at 4 and reached the front door at 5.  Alice made a great dinner of ribs, corn, puff-n-fresh dinner rolls and black rice.  I ate two plates worth.  It was so good.  We watched some travel show on YouTube called Culture Shock with a great host, Nick Cheadle.  We watched episodes on Singapore, Hong Kong and Ho Chi Min City.  These shows are well produced and helpful, though geared toward the business traveler.  We liked them.

I fell asleep around 9 o’clock, then woke up, read for 30 minutes, and went back to sleep around 11:15.

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