Day 1346

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Work was slow today, allowing me time to jot down ideas and edits.  After work, I hit the gym for singles night and played nine games to 11 against the other AA players.  Our new singles league format has been very successful!  I'm currently tied for second with Ramon and Kirk has the top spot.  Kirk's tough, but a lot of players are tough these days.  I've clearly missed a step, but I can get it back before the playoffs.  Everything's about the playoffs.  I have a deep strategy.  I'd love to make the finals.  Anyway, after racquetball, I went to Mark's to play a few hours of poker, losing $10 by 12:30.  We watched Blazing Saddles and it was good to see a little Gene Wilder.  That movie's still got chops!

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