Day 1503

Sunday, February 26, 2017


I'm old enough to have seen the streaker live in 1974.  The Oscar misstep reminded me a little of that moment in time.  It was shocking.  It was wild.  Way to go, Price Waterhouse.

I strung three racquets this weekend, so I was ready for a little Oscar time.  The show was so good up until the Best Picture announcement. Jimmy Kimmel was terrific, the new Billy Crystal.  He seemed so relaxed, so calm and in command of the festivities.  The tour bus group was an instant classic.  Candy parachuted down?  Loved it.  The Jimmy/Matt feud?  I can never get enough of it.  But seeing what happened at the end happen...oh dear.  Truly, the world is spinning wrong on its axis.  Something beyond insane is going on here.  Has this world no decency?  The sad thing for me is that I have seen so few films this year.  As in next to none.  No time for it, sadly.  I need to make time.

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