Day 1500

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A full day of work.  It's getting busy again, unfortunately.  There's a secretarial opening at Hanson and luckily for me, Lillian emailed saying things were going nuts at her place...she wanted to know if there was anything at Hanson.  Um, well, it just so happens there is!  Oh, that would be so amazing if she came on board.  She meets with Mary S. today.  I spoke with Chris from Princess Guest Services today.  The planning has begun.  I'll have three people helping me put things together for our cruise in 2018, so that's kind of cool!  Bed early because I'm getting old and need more sleep it seems.

Wow, 1,500 days of doing this.  That's just ridiculous.  That was a fast 1,500 days.  Hmm.

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