Day 1485

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

At work I received a call from Joe Hobel at the Resilience facility, the recovery/mental hospital Gwen checked into on Monday.  He wanted to know what was real and what wasn't from my perspective.  I gave him a very general overview of our family from the beginning, what Gwen was like growing up, during her marriage and raising her kids, and the victim/trauma identity she has identified with now.  She mentioned she seemed to be the grand orchestrator of her own destiny, that more than being with an abusive partner, she was supporting the behavior with details from her own mind.  This isn't to say there aren't disturbing and highly dysfunctional elements in Greg's behavior.  He has proven himself to be completely disinterested in Gwen's mental well being.  He's rather be with a mentally ill partner than have that partner get well and potentially leave him.  At any rate, any place that seeks out the perspectives of family members feels legitimate.  I encouraged Joe to gain Gwen's permission to speak with Nicole and Jill, though I doubt Gwen will give them permission to speak with Jill.  We'll see how her stay goes.  It's unfortunate that Gwen doesn't go to places near where she lives.  Part of her need to go somewhere far is to keep away from Greg, but also I think she likes the adventure of going to a fun, exciting place like Beverly Hills.  It's more glamorous than a place like Kirkland.

Still reading Paris, 1919, about 20% done.  Very good book, and interesting time in history, just like now.

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